Learning to Walk Again

I’m a programmer, with barely an artistic bone in my body. Part of the big challenge of working on this game has been seeing just how far I can get by myself. The first tool I learned to wield was Inkscape which allowed me to create the SVG cartoon Ant sprite you’ve seen a few times in these posts already. My first attempt at animating that sprite involved manually creating 4 different poses in Inkscape and using Unity to switch between them. The effect wasn’t brilliant, but it served it’s purpose.

A couple of days ago, I spotted that Spriter was included in the latest Humble Bundle, so I snagged it and decided to give it a go. And this, my friends is the result:


I don’t care what anyone else says, but I’m pretty pleased with the result and it’s definitely much better than the original 4-frame walk cycle.

Spriter is an interesting, albeit somewhat fiddly tool. Definitely a useful one though, and one that’s going to be very handy going forwards. As a side note, if you’re starting out in animation or game development, I’d recommend avoiding 6-legged insects – they’re a real pain to animate!