Alive Inside

Zombies really are the in thing at the moment, so it’s hardly surprising that this is already the second review of a game featuring the living undead on this website. I picked up all five parts of Telltale Games’ latest episodic adventure, based on the comic book turned TV show turned video game, ‘The Walking Dead’. Read on to find out if it’s a survivor, or just another brain-dead zombie.

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Competition Entry: Intense Serious Fun

A review of Tyrian, a winning entry for the July 2013 Monaco competition by Andy Burn

Tryian Box Art

Epic Games, Inc. You might have heard of them. Back when they were Epic MegaGames they enjoyed some moderate success with a game called Unreal, and later as Epic Games they made a bit of a name for themselves with the Gears of War series. But obviously, like all right thinking people, you remember them best for the 1995 masterpiece Tyrian.

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