Project Ant Live

This page contains an occasionally updated development build of ‘Project Ant’ running in the Unity Player web-plugin. Due to the amount of right-clicking required, it is best viewed in full screen mode (right click and select full-screen, press escape to return to normal view).

This build does not represent the current quality of the development build and will not be officially supported in terms of bug reports unless they can also be replicated in a locally running build. Note that the ‘save’ and ‘load’ features do NOT work in the web version. See below for controls.

If you are interested in becoming an Alpha tester or have any feedback, please drop me an email at tom[at] Both would be very much appreciated!


  • Left Click: Select or deselect ants, rooms, resources or buttons.
  • Right Click: Place rooms, drag to build tunnels.
  • Sroll Wheel: Zoom in or out.
  • W, A, S, D: Pan camera Up, Left, Down, Right
  • \: Lock camera.