Tom Baker

Tom is an avid gamer, hobbyist programmer and occasional blogger. His interests include staring at his Steam library, trying to decide what to play, and abandoning half-completed projects. He also suffers from the delusions that he is funny, and that his opinions actually matter. He is a big fan of self-deprecating humour.

Scalpel… Suction… Hammer?!

The Steam Summer Sale has descended upon us once again, offering the usual massive discounts on triple-A titles and indie games that we all love. I managed to last until day 2 before I caved and bought Surgeon Simulator 2013 – an indie game created in just 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2013 and released by Bossa Studios.

It’s hard to define what genre the game fits into, but it doesn’t quite fit into ‘simulation’ despite the title. I would probably classify it as ‘educational’, as it has taught me one thing and one thing only… that I should never be allowed near an operating theatre.

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The Best Of Them? (Part Two)

As promised, here is part two of my review of Naughty Dog’s blockbuster hit ‘The Last Of Us’. While yesterday’s article focused on some of the little things that the game missed the mark on, today I’ll be looking at what the game excelled at, and believe me, I’m spoiled for choice!

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The Big One-Eighty


You do have to feel a little bit sorry for them I guess.

For those of you that haven’t been following the news recently, last week at E3 Microsoft and Sony both unveiled the details on their next generation console offerings. In terms of hardware, most tech news sites are reporting a slight edge for the PS4, but overall there isn’t a huge amount between them. The two competitors do distinguish themselves somewhat on price though, with the PS4 coming in about £80 cheaper than the XBox One. However, the subjects of price, hardware, and even the launch title line-ups have been utterly eclipsed by the controversies surrounding Microsoft’s policies on connectivity, game sharing, and pre-owned games.

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Hello, World!

Hello all.

Over the years I’ve created/run/given up on plenty of websites. I think my first one was a fan site for GTA Vice City, which would make it about 2002. The website was hosted by, which co-incidentally looks like it was last updated in 2002 as well. Back then, I knew next to nothing about HTML, and hadn’t even heard of Javascript or CSS. My website was a single vertical column of unclosed tags that would make any parser scream for mercy.

The following website was a big step up – it had frames! It was a website dedicated to random crap I came up with. In jokes with old friends, and the such. Following that was a frame based website for the writing I was doing at the time. A friend dug it up again not so long ago, and I cringed. Lets just say it doesn’t scale up to modern monitor sizes very well.

More recently, I’ve had a couple of blogs – none of which went very far. I tend to throw myself into a project with a lot of enthusiasm which dries up very quickly. So, what’s different this time around? Well, for starters, I’m paying for this website. Hosting is provided by (who so far have been excellent), and I’ve got a couple of domains pointed this way. The main reason for this website existing is to provide data storage for an Android app that I’m writing (more about that later), but if I’ve got the webspace, I might as well use it. So, in addition to data storing, I’m going to be blogging on a couple of different topics that I’m interested in:

  • Gaming – I’ll be writing reviews on random games that I’m playing. Don’t expect every blockbuster release to be reviewed here. However, I do hope to say something different/worthwhile on the games that I do discuss. I’ll also be accepting volunteers to submit their own reviews (I’ll stick up a getting involved page somewhere, but for now just wing me a message at tom[at] There won’t be a fixed schedule, or a fixed format, but I’ll try and keep it going longer than my last gaming blog (two posts).
  • Programming – I think there’s actually a law somewhere that if you’re a programmer, you must blog about it. So, I’ll try to cover anything interesting that I’m doing. I’ve got a couple of projects in the pipeline, so watch this space for technobabble.

The other reason for this site existing is for me to brush up on my HTML/CSS skills. So, if everything stops working while you’re poking around, don’t worry, its just me breaking the universe.

I think this is about long enough for the mandatory filler post, so with that in mind, I should start thinking about actual content.